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Magnetic Separator Specifications

50 Ml Tube Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator consists of a rack that holds 4 50-ml tubes in alignment with neodymium magnets for the efficient processing of dna bound to magnetic beads.Genecatcher technology is a novel magnetic bead-based technology that provides a method for reliably and efficiently purifying dna without any centrifugation steps.

Magnetic Separatormineral Processing Equipmenttechnical

Magnetic separator for particle size less than 3mm magnetite, pyrrhotite, ilmenite and other materials, wet magnetic separation, but also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in addition to iron work.Available downstream, semi-reflux, reflux-type and other forms of magnetic separator, cylinder surface magnetic field strength can be produced according to the.

4900 Series174 Magnetic Dirt Separator Taco Comfort

Tacos 4900 series 174 magnetic dirt separators increase system life and efficiency by removing ferrous material and other harmful, loose particles from closed loop hydronic heating systems.A powerful, service-free magnetic ring and convenient blow down valve are included for quick and easy system maintenance.Available with sweat or npt connections in sizes ranging from 3/4 2.

Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Magnetic drum separators provide an efficient means for extracting ferrous material from dry, bulk products in free-flowing processing systems.They are comprised of a stationary permanent magnet, either standard ferrite magnets or high power rare earth magnets enclosed in a non-magnetic stainless-steel drum.

Dry Magnetic Separator Products

Ctg series of permanent magnet dry magnetic separator is the newly developed high-performance processing equipment can be widely used in metallurgy, mining and other industries.The device has characteristics of commotion magnetic field and high separation factor, advanced structure, light weight, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

Deep Draw Drum Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator specifications and data 1.Specifications drum with frame and drive includes magnetic drum assembly, standard frame, and drive components, all sized to the application.Frame horizontal structural steel support frame.Four support lugs are furnished on the.

Belt Magnetic Separator Conveyor Belt Magnet

Cross belt separators are used in the magnetic separation of ferrous materials from products to ensure a safe, metal free output.These powerful magnets are usually installed above conveyor belts, and draw the unwanted metals upwards and away from the conveyor belt to allow for uncontaminated production.

Minimacs Separator And Starting Kit Separators

The minimacs separator allows the performance of separations in combination with ms columns, large cell columns, or m columns ms columns for positive selection or depletion of cells large cell columns for positive selection of large cells, e.G., megakaryocytes m columns for isolation of molecules, e.G., rna up to four minimacs separators can be attached to a multistand.

Magnets And The Acronym Soup Of Process Facility

Just write the specification calling for the high range of gauss and pull strength found in commercially available magnetic separators.But therein lies the rub.A garden variety magnetic circuit is housed in a 1-in.Od tube, and the guts which compose that circuit as defined earlier present a wide array of options from various.

Hopper Magnet Tm

Magnetic separator for the hoppers of injection moulding machines is designed to separate iron tramp from free-flowing dry materials (such as regranulates, crushed plastic materials, plastic crumb, rejected mouldings etc.).The hopper magnet protects the moulding machines (with standard cone hoppers) and other processing equipment from damage by ferromagnetic particles.

24Well Magnetic Separator

This magnetic separator is for use with the genecatcher gdna 0.3 - 1.0 ml blood kit.The 24-well magnetic separator contains 6 neodymium magnets that are perfectly aligned with the wells of a 24-well plate for the efficient processing of dna bound to magnetic beads.Genecatcher technology is a novel.

Electro Overhead Magnetic Separator

Being projected directly toward the magnetic surface of the separator.Literature is available describing the features and performance of all electro overhead magnet models, as well as permanent overhead models.For concrete recycling and other severe-duty applications, refer to the specifications and data on bulletin i-94sde.For materials.

Eddy Current Separator Separation Manufacturer Supplier

Our highly efficient eddy current separator is the most advanced magnetic separators which are commonly used to separate non-ferrous metals from mixed waste and other streams.It purely separate aluminium, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals from your product stream, municipal solid waste recycling, scrap residue and other recyclables.

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